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Why Little Dipper is More Than Simply a Fabric Store

Hello lovelies,

We’ve been getting this question quite frequently, “What makes Little Dipper different?” So we thought we’d try to address it here with you and the rest of our creative community. Little Dipper does things a lot different than your ordinary fabric store. In fact, we are not an ordinary online fabric store. What we do at Little Dipper is gather the most talented fabric artist from around the world and let them go crazy. We don’t micro manage their artistic process or ask them to make changes according to market research. We let our artist truly be artist. This to the key to being able to offer the most beautiful designs to our community.

Once an artist creates a design for Little Dipper, our community will show its love (or not) for the design by pre-ordering yardage of that design. Artist know that their magic number is 300. Their current design must get at least 300 pre-ordered yards, before we a Little Dipper give the green light for that design to be sent to our mill for a commercial run. Designs are exclusive and limited addition, and can sell out fast.

While we are on the subject of originality, Little Dipper original business model is to create solutions to many of the current problems facing the fabric, fashion and design production world. Our goal is a classic win-win-win: a win for makers who want quality, original fabrics for their sewing projects, and who will be able to turn around and sell those products through our site. It is a win for artists, who will earn higher-than-average compensation from their fabric designs, without have to compromise their artistic vision. And, it is a win for our team. We’re unique, we’re ethical, we’re community-minded, and we care about what you care about: quality, innovation, beauty and fair pay for all!

Little Dipper vs Other Retailers
LD: Our community selects the designs that they want us to manufacture. Our community sets the trends.
OR: Other retailers manufacture what they want, and then push the community to like it. The trends are forced upon the community.

LD: Our Little Dipper Guru says, “why spend time on a fabric that is quickly going to fall apart?” We agree! So, we made quality our number one priority.
OR: Retailers who focus on custom fabrics often print one yard at a time using inkjet printers. That means ink spreads and soaks into the fibers. The results neither look as good or lasts as long.

Price Point
LD: We charge fair market prices for our labor-intensive, quality fabrics. We are currently priced at$11.95 per yard, with flat-rate shipping. As our community grows, we will continue to keep our pricing fair and accessible. it is important to note that all Little Dipper products are made in the United Sates.
OR: Custom fabric retailers charge a lot more, but their quality is not as good due to the use of the ink jet printers.

LD:  Our designs are created by talented artists. Our products are produced by professionals and curated by Little Dipper design experts. Only great, original designs are offered at Little Dipper.
OR: Other fabric store can be overwhelming, as you wade through a ton of bad designs, to find one good one.

Artist Compensation
Once a design hits its magic number of 300 pre-ordered yards, you (the artist) will receive your first payment of $150 within 14 days of reaching 300, and $.50 for every yard thereafter. You get paid when we get paid. On top of the monetary compensation, an artist’s design will also receive 30 days on the Little Dipper site. They will be given a Little Dipper artist biography page that will link to their own website and will be featured on all of our social media. We will promote the artist’s work to our customers, our networks and our friends.

We at Little Dipper stove to live up to our core values: Quality, Affordability, Creativity, Innovation, Fair Compensation For All, Eco-Consciousness, and Beauty………….Some retailers care about design, and some retailers care about sales, only. It is a rare company that cares as much about sales as they do about ethical business practices and fair compensation for all.

At Little Dipper, our universe grows when new stars are born….hint……hint, so pre-order your fabric today!

Beautiful, premium quality fabric

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