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Six Great Crafts to Spice-Up Your Holiday

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Creativity and inspiration are words that we live by, so everyday we busily comb the internet looking for great project ideas, to share them with you via your favorite social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest. Crafts, designs and projects that we know will inspire you as much as they inspire us.

Often, inspirations come from what is going on around us, but just as often, we find ourselves inspired by Little Dipper fabric. Truly! We are not saying this to hard sell you, or hypnotize you into buying our brand. Although…..You want to make pre-order noooowwwwwww…. Ooops! Right, no consumer mind manipulation. 
Anyway, our team is genuinely inspired by beautiful design and we spend more time than we ought to dreaming of what we would like to make, or have made for us with all of this beautiful fabric. Today, as the first lights of the  menorah are being lit and other holidays approach, we collected a few of our favorite holiday inspirations to share with you.
1. Scrap fabric & light garland
Lets start with one of my favorites, the scrap fabric garland? I love draping my mantel and beds with homemade garland. It is simple and eye catching, any time of year… but add white lights, and…! Oh! So Pretty!
2. Fabric wall art
I love this brilliant wall display made up of fabric remnants; the various hoops look like two dimensional, non-holiday wall ornaments, dressing up the wall in dazzling color and pattern. Tis always the season for something so lovely. The creative folks at Purl Bee simply used wooden embroidery hoops to create a wall of patchwork portraitures that gave some craftwork leftovers a new life. It’s easy peezy, and they’ve been as so kind to as post step-by-step instructions so you too can deck your halls in a non-cliche manner too.
3. Bright and festive holiday mat
Our weather has been cold… so we have been sipping hot chocolate and drawing back the curtains to put the gray rain out of our minds. But, the curtains aren’t really helping. Instead, wouldn’t it be nice to hang a new set of curtains, and perhaps make A Beautiful Mess’s door mat to match? You could do this with any fabric, for any time of year. The result will always be bright and festive and beautiful!
4. Cute gingerbread Christmas cards
Making sweet gingerbread house card can be a new tradition at your house starting this year! It’s fun and the possibilities are endless.
5. A new holiday dress
For holiday parties, perhaps a new dress is in order? But we stumbled across this dress and loved the design and that’s is not the typical red or green! Imagine it with cute, colorful accents, or perhaps with with long sleeves or a cardigan? We think it is really cool!
6. A reindeer pillow
DIY Deer Pillow
And lastly, how do you feel about a nap on a pretty pillow? All you need is a deer head silhouette to print it out, then use double sided iron-on adhesive to the back some cute fabric.
So. Those are our favorite holiday DIYs so far this season; we would love to know what inspires you!

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