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Quilt Calculator: Make it a Great Every Time

Hello lovelies,

Sometimes we all need a little bit a help, for me this is especially important where math is concerned. When I put time and energy into making something beautiful, like a quilt, I want to get it right the first time! So, in hopes of helping many get the math right, I put together this handy-dandy quilt calculator that you can use whenever you need to. Hopefully this will help avoid miscalculations (remember, measure twice-cut once)!

Happy quilting!


And just in case you need a reminder for standard quilt and/or comforter sizes, ie:
King = 108″ x 108″
Queen = 90″ x 108″
Double/Full = 85″ x 108″
Twins = 72″ x 90″
Throw = 54″ x 70″
Baby = 36″ x 54″


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