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Apple or Pear?

Hello lovelies!


The struggle to find clothing that fits and flatters is a challenge for all us ladies. And there seems to be 1-million articles about female body types and body shapes and the numerous not-so fool-proof ways to figure them out. And the categories for female body types are baffling!


There are the fruits: banana, pear, apple. And the geometric shapes: oval, rectangle, hourglass, inverted triangle. And then there are the body shape categories that I can only label as strange, things like: spoon, diamond, lollipop, coronet, brick, goblet, column, etc.


The list goes on and on! Who wants to be a spoon or a triangle or a brick?


And I feel overwhelmed and also, frankly, belittled when looking through the categories. I am not alone in confessing that it is taken me years to feel good about my body. I can honestly say I like who I am, and I truly like that I don’t look like the star of a romantic comedy. But when I look through these lists of body types, it reminds me how far I am from being considered ideal. And those slimy, mean-girl voices momentarily grab my attention.


So let’s stop trying to fit ourselves into these confusing, demeaning, strange and frankly useless body shape categories. Instead of trying to figure out what shape you approximate, let’s explore styling a different way. Ask: what features on my body, as it is, do I want to emphasize? And what features do I want to de-emphasize?


Starting now, I am going to explore this approach to style and fashion. My body is petite, curvy, voluptuous and beautiful. I want to celebrate styling victories!


What features in your unique shape, do you want to emphasize? Let me know in the comments below!

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